I am a website developer from the UK. My life is about Self Discovery, Fatherhood, Nature and playing with technology.
I have been interested in computers and the internet since my childhood and i wonder how to build useful interfaces between humans and machines or the internet.

I am here to publicise my IT skills and offer my services.

Do you know what you want ? Is it a logo, Website, Webshop, Blog, Facebook Page, Social Media, Wikipedia, Email marketing, Domain hosting ?

I am searching for creative people who know what they want but don’t know how to organise it using technology .
Instead of chasing the latest technology or trends, I help clients be themselves, be original, show who they are, what they want or offer in their own way.
I help with all aspects of the online presence – Aesthetics, Look and Feel, Content and everything that will represent my client . This process often leads clients to understand themselves better. I am a very flexible developer, so I will always attend to a clients needs when they require assistance or help. I understand the way that the creative process goes. I may work for a period and then need some time for clarification. I understand the same with clients. When they go through times of stress I am willing to be by their side and I really value the time needed to settle things during the creative period.

So, I an wondering what brought you here. Please write to me and we can speak at the earliest convenience.