This is a recent website I developed for a small film company in Zurich. I was given a lot of creative control and worked on the graphic design, responsive nature and presentation of the content. I used wordpress because the client wanted a product that she could update if necessary. I got involved in the edit of the logo because we could not track down the graphic designer. I worked on the SEO and enabled the site to get good placement. This is also a multilingual site. As well as building the website, I got involved in migrating the film companies domains and mail to a user friendly local company. Finally i wrote a Wikipedia page for her that got approved. This project was great and we are both happy …


This website was built for a local mountain guide and cartographer who wanted to sell his maps online. It is built using the WooCommerce inside the WordPress content management system. Because it uses online payments interfaces the product had to be secure and well protected. It uses multi currency and is multilingual. The graphic design was done elsewhere and I found it difficult to implement in a responsive way. There is a lot of custom CSS for the design and a lot of PHP to deal with specific payment scenarios and the ecommerce side.


This is a website I worked on for a self discovery project in Spain. This was created using the WordPress Divi theme. This is another tool that creates nice looking websites but has its own set of limitations. This is a membership site which has user groups, forums, a document library and a video channel.


This was a front end application I wrote for a project that required fast retrieval from a large data set. I used the ReactJS libraries Searchkit, React Elasticsearch and React Bootstrap. The backend was a preprogrammed Django CMS using a PostgreSQL database and Elasticsearch search engine. Unfortunetly it no longer exists but I still have the source code if I ever want to work with big data.


This was my first solo project in website design, build and implement.
This website was built for a nature coaching business.
One day I was asked ‘Please can you build us a website?’
I wanted to hand craft a website using pure programming and not use a website building tool. The front end is pure HTML,CSS, Javascript and Bootstrap and the backend Django CMS. I learnt so much about graphic design, CSS, responsive behaviour and website deployment.
The website has received of lot of positive feedback and has never needed any maintenance even after 5 years.